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FP&A Manager

Posted on Saturday, March 16, 2024
We’re looking for an FP&A Manager to help us expand our small, yet mighty, Finance team at Jane. Our Finance team is crucial in ensuring our financial records are kept in top shape to provide bullet-proof and timely reporting and accurately forecast Jane’s exciting growth trajectory. We work closely with the Analytics team to provide meaningful data to internal and external stakeholders. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your data analytics skillset by becoming our resident Excel guru and transforming our financial model into informative dashboards complete with SaaS metrics, revenue analytics, and departmental budgets using a BI tool.
We really want the people who work at Jane to love being here, so it's important that we start with a bit about what makes our company unique and try to be as transparent as possible. Our values also provide some insights into Jane and hopefully, you’ll have a better idea if this might be the kind of company you want to be part of.
Before we were Jane, our Co-Founders were solving problems for their own clinics not realizing that a few years later, this team would grow to support tens of thousands of healthcare practices in more than 60 countries. Our platform is now helping to modernize the world of practice management software. We enable the likes of physiotherapists, mental health counsellors, chiropractors, and other allied health practitioners to run their practices in a digital-first way through features such as online booking, charting, scheduling, telehealth, and billing along with an evolving library of features. You can see more of them here. Although we’ve grown, still to this day, we’re rooted in solving clinics’ problems and making sure we don’t lose sight of Jane’s vision.
We have remained profitable for the past seven years, we’re product-led and growing organically (and responsibly) to the point where 85% of our customer growth is either from customer referrals or word of mouth. Growth like this is unique, especially in the world of SaaS, and it doesn’t happen by chance. We have a brilliant team of over 400 Janers who are doing an amazing job of listening to our customers, building what they need, and providing industry-leading support.
We pride ourselves on flexibility & autonomy, some of our team block out their calendars to pick up their children from school (and this is normal at Jane), and we even have a #kids channel in Slack. We’re not a clock-in clock-out system-type environment. With that being said, we’re not going to paint the picture of a perfect environment either. We’re a company that’s scaling quickly, we have many moving parts, many of us are doing this for the first time and sometimes, we don’t have processes in place or clear views which can require a lot of resourcefulness and a passion for problem-solving.
With all that to say, if you’re looking for an environment where you can grow, stretch yourself, and work with some incredibly talented people on problems that are positively impacting people's lives, Jane could be the place for you.
Compensation Expectations for the Role
Jane’s committed to paying our team members fairly, clearly, and above all, paying for growth. This role has a minimum annual salary of $102,400 and a maximum annual salary of $160,000. As you may have noticed, this salary range is quite large, and this is intentional to account for the growth someone will experience in the role throughout their time at Jane (i.e., from building the skills, to accomplished, to highly proficient, all the way to achieving excellence in the role). When hiring talented folks to join the Jane team, we’ve found that new team members are best set up for success when hired with the expectation of being fully accomplished in the role, which for this role would reflect a salary between $121,600 to $128,000.
It's also possible to join Jane at a salary above or below this, which would mean a salary below $121,600 which typically reflects someone who has all the potential to be fully accomplished in the role but doesn't yet possess all the skills required, while a salary above $128,000 is typically for individuals who are currently in this role at Jane and had the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on our customers, product and company with deep Jane knowledge. At Jane, we pay for growth, which means that you’ll continue to have conversations about your career development with your manager and see your compensation grow over time as you build an amazing career with us.
More information on Jane's benefits package can be found here

The ownership you will have…

  • Build out coherent and easily-digestible data visualizations for Jane audiences ranging from departmental to senior leadership. Provide ad-hoc reporting as requested and explain complex financial information to stakeholders in a clear and delightful manner.
  • Implement updates to the Jane Financial Model in Excel as determined by the CFO and Director of Finance.
  • Work together with the Finance and Analytics team to dive deep into important business metrics such as MRR, Account Velocity, and Logo Churn by geography and discipline. Actively provide suggestions for more useful data to improve reporting and forecasting.
  • Create a decision matrix to assess the best BI tool for Jane’s financial data (either PowerBI or Tableau) and develop an implementation strategy.
  • Automate board and investor reporting at Jane and provide commentary on key metrics.
  • Sleuth through Jane’s financial data to find trends that can help assist with more accurate forecasting of Jane’s revenue streams.
  • Improve processes in the Jane Financial Model by automating data entry from Snowflake, our data warehouse.
  • Proactively identify financial issues and propose solutions to improve performance and drive growth.
  • Use new innovative tools, such as AI, to increase insight and efficiency.
  • Work with the Payments and Analytics team to improve metrics tracked related to Jane Payments. Assist with a strategy to import data from Stripe Connect and accurately track data, such as GTV, by account, geography, discipline, and payment type.

The experience we feel we need…

  • At least four years of experience in private equity or high-growth technology/SAAS/Payments industry in strategic finance or FP&A
  • Excel guru (Power Query, Macros, etc) and previous experience creating dashboards and reporting from scratch.
  • Expert at data visualization using a BI tool.
  • Strong understanding of financial statements, budgeting, and financial modelling.
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Ethical integrity and the ability to manage confidential information with discretion.
  • Demonstrate curiosity, and not be afraid to question the status quo.
  • Passion for improving processes and using technology to help make the Finance team more efficient.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and the ability to take extreme ownership
  • Someone with a hands-on attitude and a strong desire to deliver and grow
  • Someone with the ability to multitask, work under pressure, and meet deadlines

Bonus Points ...

  • Bachelors, preferably in Finance/Accounting.
  • Basic SQL knowledge or a willingness to learn basic SQL
At Jane, we’re committed to fostering an environment that allows you to come to work as your truest self. We believe it’s important to actively recognize, embrace, and celebrate our differences in order to make Jane an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.
We want to build a team of people who make conversations rich with perspective and experience. We are committed to listening to every voice in order to learn and grow because doing this will allow us to meet the needs of the diverse community of helpers that Jane serves.
We do not tolerate discrimination, prejudice, or oppressive isms of any kind. Employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, experience, and the needs of the Jane community. We encourage anyone who requires accommodation or adjustments throughout the interview process to let us know, and we will do our best to support you.